MI40X Review (Part 1)

A look at MI40X (Mass Intentions 2.0)


Years ago most of the workout programs you could buy online were strictly designed for beginners–those guys who were looking to put on their first fifteen or twenty pounds of muscle. I was wondering when something would come out for more intermediate or even advanced trainees. That’s why I’m glad MI40 came along: guys who have been training for a while can use this program to break through some of their plateaus as far as building size and strength.

Mass Intentions Extreme 2.0 will take things to the next level.  Ben has been experimenting with ways to make a great program even better.

Ben Pakulski is a master of training for bodybuilding and I think you’ll find his coaching to be very helpful.  He advocates subtle changes in the way you would do exercises in order to make them much more effective.  While training legs, for example, you are told to do some specific things with your foot positioning to help you focus more on the muscles you are trying to target.  While doing something for the upper body, like curls, you’ll be coached on some different ways to adjust your grip.  It’s not something you would even notice if you watched him train but it can make a big difference as far as hypertrophy goes.

As the name of this program implies, the number 40 is very important.  Ben Pakulski believes that most sets should last for about 40 seconds.  He says this is the ideal amount of time under tension for hypertrophy (muscle growth).  Tension is a very important concept in Ben’s overall training philosophy–he argues it is more important that just trying to mindlessly add more weight (which can be a recipe for injury).

Here are some of the things you’ll get if you decide to order this program:

Training Manual: This downloadable e-book could be described as the “why” of MI40.  Ben explains in detail his training principles and why you should follow them.  He’ll go into a lot more detail about the “40” in MI40.

Videos: One thing that really stands out about this program is the high quality training videos.  I think there is nothing quite as motivational as a well-produced video.  You’ll be able to see all the techniques in action instead of just having to read them.

Nutrition Manual: Anyone who wants to gain muscle and strength has to make adjustments in what they eat.  This guide will show you how to do that.  Be sure to follow it so you can recover from your workout sessions.

Workout Sheets:  These are sheets you can print out so you’ll have a journal to keep track of every workout.

Optional Buys:  There are some additional products you can buy if you choose to order this program.  You do not have to purchase them but if you want to invest in additional training/nutrition information you can.

Cell Expansion Protocol:  One of the key concepts in this program is C.E.P: Cell Expansion Protocol.  These are some techniques designed to increase the number of nuclei in muscle cells.  I’ve explained it in a little more detail in this post.


Who is this program for?  I’ll begin by explaining who it is not for.  This training is difficult, so it is not for those who aren’t willing to invest the time and energy required to prepare and train.  You’ll need to be willing to read over the materials, plan your meals, and be prepared to train hard.

But dedicated trainees would definitely benefit.  I think MI40X 2.0 could help you break through plateaus in size and strength that you’ve experienced in your training.  This would be a great investment if you are looking for solid training information and want to make new gains in the weight room. Just CLICK HERE if you are interested in ordering this program or learning more.

UPDATE–SPECIAL DISCOUNT:  I been able to get a sneak preview of this program since writing this post.  Click here to see my updated review of MI40X with a special coupon code

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